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With over a decade of experience, our dedicated team goes above and beyond, ensuring your home air conditioning is as comfortable as can be. As a local business, we treat you like a neighbor, arriving on time, respecting your home, and handling every repair with the utmost thoroughness. Choose Rescue Air for a difference you can feel!

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Welcome to Rescue Air, where we specialize in ensuring your indoor comfort. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive services, including:

A/C Maintenance
Install Air Handler & Condensing Unit Systems
Heater Repair
Service & Repair all Makes and Models
Duct Work (Repair or Replacement)
Ductless Mini Splits
Thermostat Installation
Indoor Air Quality Products

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Taking Care of all Your A/C Problems

We have been in business since 2020. Customers trust us because they know that our team cares about their comfort, and we’re proud of that! With ten years of experience, there is not much we have not seen or repaired. We proudly serve Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and the surrounding area. As a local business, we treat our customers with the respect of a neighbor. Our HVAC technicians arrive on time, respect your home, and accomplish every repair with the amount of thoroughness they’d provide working on their own home.

At Rescue Air conditioning and heating company, we want to be different than any other HVAC company that our customers have dealt with in the past. We set ourselves apart from the pack by closely following a code of ethics. When our standards are combined with our friendly and highly trained staff, our customers notice the Rescue Air conditioning and heating company difference and continue relying on us for all their needs.

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Full System maintenance plans start at just $200 per year

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Robert Baumann

Rescue Air Conditioning and Heating is renowned for its top-notch customer service and workmenship, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable technicians. The team includes professionals who are friendly, clean, polite, and experienced, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques. As a locally-owned company, Rescue Air maintains a drug-free workplace with zero tolerance, conducting formal drug testing for employees. Technicians prioritize professionalism, honesty, and courtesy, ensuring your peace of mind.

Robert embarked on his HVAC career in 2012, graduating at the top of his class with universal EPA licenses. Starting as an installation assistant, he progressed to lead installer for eight years, transitioned to service and sales, and eventually obtained his contractors license, founding Rescue Air Conditioning and Heating. With a dedication to providing top-notch service at a reasonable cost, Robert emphasizes honesty and reliability, treating clients like family. He is thankful for the support he receives from his amazing family, including his three young daughters and his wife, who back him up in all his endeavors.

Understanding the value of time and money, Robert provides a detailed system quality report during every maintenance visit, explaining how the system performs. From the moment the team enters your home, they use floor savers, address concerns promptly, and leave the property better than they found it.

With every service, Rescue Air offers a 30-day warranty on drain lines and a one-year labor warranty on repairs. Valuing clients as family, the team aspires to build a brand that Robert’s kids would be proud to take over. Personal connections with clients are crucial, and the team prioritizes listening and responding promptly with respect and knowledge.

Looking to the future, Robert’s goal is to grow into a well-known brand while upholding core values of respect, honesty, and reliability. Join him on this journey, and experience the difference at Rescue Air Conditioning and Heating, where comfort and air quality truly matter.

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Our dedicated team specializes in servicing and repairing a diverse range of HVAC systems, including comprehensive expertise in ductless mini splits. Count on us for reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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